Brief History

Brief History

   The Financial Law Department has been officially approved to enroll students since 2006. The mission of the Financial Law Department is to foster financial law professionals with stress on both theoretical and practical education, inculcating students with responsibility, high ethical values, team spirit, worldview for the benefit of national and global communities.

    The developments of industry and business in earlier decades lead to the economic prosperity in Taiwan. Rising exports are the main force of the economic development of our country. Financial affairs play a significant role in the development of an industrialized country. The laws regulating these affairs require professional knowledge and skills. Besides basic concepts of law, such as companies, bills, and insurances in trading law, financial laws have become a peculiar and specific law field, in which the most important laws are Banking law, Negotiable securities transaction law, and Stock law. Also included are derivative financial commodities service, such as Investment trust, fund management and investor related rights and interests.



1. The curriculum is designed to encompass both professional fields of finance and law.

2. Students are required to take part both of fundamental law basic legal as well as the financial law examinations to ensure their fundamental professional capability of law and finance.

3. Multiple courses for finance-related certificates are organized in order to assist students in passing the certificate examinations and reinforcing their career competitiveness.

4. Emphasizing on the combination of theories and practices as students are required to take part in internship programs.

5. Lecturers from the financial industries are invited to engage in the co- teaching programs.


【Future Prospects for Graduates】

1.General career prospects: lawyers, public prosecutors, judges, civil servants (legal/internal  affairs)

2. Prospects In financial industries: becoming legal professionals in financial, securities and futures, and insurance businesses, such as heads in charge of a branch, directors, supervisors, chief risk management officers, heads of law compliance department, chief counselors, heads of auditing department, personnel in charge of establishment of operation, IPO assistants…etc.



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