Mission Goals/Objectives


      We educate students to be professionals with foundational knowledge of law and finance. Our education and study adhere to the principle of equal emphasis on theory and practice. 


Goals of undergraduate students

1.  Cultivate professionals with foundational knowledge of law and finance.

2.  Train students with knowledge to earn professional certifications in finance.

3. Cultivate basic abilities in foreign language and information technology.

4.  Nurture sense of  responsibility, moral character, teamwork and spirit of service.

5.  Cultivate world view.


Goals of graduate students

1. Cultivate professionals with legal research capability.

2.Train financial law talents in legal theory and practice.

3.Foster international perspective, diverse values, and professional ethics in legal finance professionals.


Core Competencies of undergraduate students

1. Foundational knowledge of law.

2. Foundational knowledge of finance.

3. Basic capability in foreign language.

4. Basic capability in information technology.


Core Competencies graduate students

1. Legal research ability.

2. Competence in financial law knowledge and practice.

3. Foreign language ability sufficient for legal research.

4. Capability to reason and communicate about legal issues.